NOTES FROM DAD Anthology — Author Info

Jason Meinershagen-Paperback-Notes from Dad

LAUNCHES May 16, 2024

Notes from Dad

encouraging dads and a fatherless generation with stories and lessons from today's dads

Welcome to Jason's NOTES FROM DAD Anthology!

What's included with your chapter?

  • 1500 Word Chapter (+/- 10%)
  • Professional Writing Coach: Two hours (per author/chapter) to work with our professional writing coach; (copy development beyond two hours may incur additional charges)
  • Professional cover and interior layout design of paperback and e-book
  • Two rounds of author revisions (layout stage)
  • One round of professional proofreading
  • Private Facebook group with all authors for sharing updates, next steps, and ideas
  • 3-D and flat images of the book for your personal marketing purposes
  • Personalized social media memes for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn sharing.
  • Mini e-book PDF of your chapter for marketing purposes/lead generation/relationship building
  • Second-quarter 2024 projected book launch date
  • Over 40,000 distribution points, including Amazon
  • Library, Bookstore, and retailer accessibility
  • Reduced-rate, authors-only pricing on all book orders

INCLUDES Amazon Bestseller Campaign (ABC) for your e-book!

  • Pre-launch and day-of-the-launch calls with our ABC vendor. (Best Seller Launching, Marketing, and Positioning Strategies).
  • A pre-launch social media campaign including personalized social media memes for you to share.
  • Personalized strategy and timeline development for your powerful launch.
  • Sample language and blurbs you can use in social media, emails, newsletters, and videos to build out and support your launch.
  • Discover exactly what to do before, during, and after you hit bestseller to leverage and maximize your campaign.
  • Personalized and dedicated support throughout your bestseller campaign (typically complete in 24-48 hours.)
  • Our team and promotional partners come alongside you promoting and sharing out throughout their combined reach of 10 million-plus to support you and your book in becoming a best seller.
  • Media Exposure Highlight article about your book in the International RHG Magazine & TV Guide.
  • Your Book will launch and is guaranteed to become an Amazon Best Seller!

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  • JOIN our private, Authors-Only FACEBOOK Group (mandatory for program communication). You’ll need to check in there at least weekly. This will be where you receive group communications about the project and can ask project-related questions.
  • REACH OUT to your fellow authors and connect on Facebook and LinkedIn (at a minimum). These two media resources will be valuable to you during the launch.
  • START ON YOUR CHAPTER DRAFT. Chapter sequence is initially determined by the order in which you join the book.
  • WATCH for calendar updates: we'll be sending out notices for Zoom Meet & Greet Hours, as well as Marketing Zoom Calls to update you on talking points and your personalized social media memes.


  • FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024. If you have not already connected with your Writing Coach, Kyle, by this date, please reach out to schedule your initial Zoom call.
  • MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2024. Forward your professional headshot to JULIE by this date. 300dpi minimum, COLOR, 2” x 3” minimum size (do not crop). Your color photo will be used in your customized social media memes and your BW photo will be used in the book. Please only send a color photo; we will convert to BW here. The sooner you get us your photos, the sooner we can get you your social media meme for sharing. Reminder: Only use the social media memes provided, along with your personalized videos. Please DO NOT create nor use any other social media memes.
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  • MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2024. The INITIAL rough draft of your chapter is due to your Writing Coach, Kyle NO LATER THAN this date.
  • MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2024. The FINAL draft of your chapter AND BIO is due to your Writing Coach, Kyle by this date (1500-word chapter (+/- 10%) AND your FINAL, Author-Approved 150-word bio, including your LinkTree link). 
  • MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024. Your Writing Coach will submit the author- and coach-approved FINAL DRAFT CHAPTER and FINAL BIO to JULIE NO LATER THAN this date. 
  • THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2024. PRE-LAUNCH CALL (watch for your calendar invite and info on the FB page) 
  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2024. “TODAY’S THE DAY” social media memes will land in your email inbox late afternoon/early evening. PLEASE WAIT TO POST UNTIL AFTER 7 am (your time zone) on Launch Day.
  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2024. Prepare your e-news copy and set up distribution for early Thursday morning. 
  • THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2024. All book orders must be submitted to JULIE
  • THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2024 - DAY OF LAUNCH CALL. (watch for your calendar invite and info on the FB page)
    • Your commitment to participate in helping to promote the book via social media and your e-news/contact list ensures the success of this launch.
    • Share your personalized “TODAY’S THE DAY” memes (we provide) for visibility on social media; tagging, liking, loving, and all that social media interaction throughout the day. Reminder: Please do not create new memes.
    • REMINDER: Please DO NOT create your own graphic images for this launch.
  • Covers get updated with Amazon Best Seller Badge, loaded into the Facebook group, and the paperback goes live within a few weeks after the launch.
  • Authors will place all future book orders (post-launch) through Anthology Curator, JASON. Be watching for additional info. ALL paperback book orders will be placed AFTER the book launch so we can add the Amazon Bestseller Ribbon to the cover. Expect shipment within 2-3 weeks of launch, depending upon the quantity ordered.



"But . . . What will I write about . . .?"

No matter where you are in the process, from idea-only to a possible outline, to a full-fledged brain dump, we help you get to the finish line and present a professionally-written chapter.

A few ideas to consider as you begin to develop your chapter . . .

  • What or who inspired you to become the person you are today?
  • What “detour” on the road of life did you encounter and overcome?
  • What incident in your life made a profound impact and caused you to change direction?

Readers LOVE stories. Readers love hearing about how you have helped someone else find solutions and solve problems. What does your potential client wake up in the middle of the night worried about? Share a story that SOLVES THOSE PROBLEMS and you are on your way to creating a trusted relationship with that new prospect!

As published in the Harvard Business Review, sharing a story creates empathy and builds trust — especially when you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered. Sharing a story of human struggle and eventual triumph will capture people’s hearts. (Paul J. Zak, founding director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies and a professor of economics, psychology, and management at Claremont Graduate University; author of Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies). Paul goes on to say, “As social creatures, we depend on others for our survival and happiness. My lab discovered that a neuro-chemical called oxytocin is a key ‘it’s safe to approach others’ signal in the brain. Oxytocin is produced when we are trusted or shown a kindness, and it motivates cooperation with others. It does this by enhancing the sense of empathy, our ability to experience others’ emotions. Empathy is important for social creatures because it allows us to understand how others are likely to react to a situation, including those with whom we work.” 

We look forward to working with you! We can’t wait to read your chapter!

Please reach out to JULIE if you have ANY questions . . . we are here to help make this book successful for you!

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