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Sock It UP – Eliminate the Struggle

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the last 18 months have been a bit crazy; it’s been exhausting, yet for me, also productive. My “nesting” mode kicked in and I cleaned out, sorted, tossed, and donated. No closet, drawer, nor dusty box was left untouched, and it all started with socks . . .

Yep, socks.

I’m picky about my socks. I hate saggy socks — you know the kind — where the top half around your leg no longer stays “up” which causes the rest of the sock to sneak down into your shoe and start to bunch up. As the sock tops start to sag, I pull them from the drawer, and they either get recycled into the rag bag or tossed in the trash. I tried making a dog toy out of them by knotting a couple together, but our dog didn’t even want them.

I keep a back-up bag of new socks in the back of the drawer, so I never run out (YES, I was a Girl Scout). The routine has always been to pull a new pair as I toss out the old pair. Then business got busier, and time to sort/toss socks got shorter, and I’d forget to TOSS. If I needed a new pair, I’d just pull one out. I soon noticed there was NO MORE ROOM in the drawer, and most of it was due to socks I would not wear. It was time to clean out that drawer, make for a happier sock-life, and eliminate the struggle.


As I made my way through the house, clearing, sorting, tossing, and donating, I became very clear that struggle is pretty much caused by chaos and when you eliminate the chaos, the struggle goes away also. The “sock” soon became the file drawer in the office, the junk drawer in the kitchen, the “might need it later” boxes in the basement.

I used the acronym R.A.F.T. as my guide . . .

  • R = RECYCLE that “sock” on to someone else. They may LOVE to have your sock (unless you are my dog) . . . or coat that no longer fits, or lawn chairs you no longer use. I’ve lost count of how many items I sold on Facebook this past year. If it didn’t sell in 30 days, it was donated.
  • A = ACTION needed . . . whether it was a bill to be paid, a thank-you note to be written, or simply a file to be sorted, it landed in one, easily seen spot in the office, to be attended to.
  • F = FRIEND . . . Sometimes the task was too large to handle by myself, so I engaged my husband to reach what I couldn’t, move heavy boxes, or load the car trunk for donation.
  • T = TEAM . . . Other times, it was too big for either/both of us, and we “invited” a neighbor to help us haul something to the curb for large-item pick-up day.


Cleaning and sorting are not necessarily my favorite things to do, but during the process, “ELIMINATE THE STRUGGLE” became my favorite mantra. As I let go of all the things that weighed me down, it became clear that I was making room for greater experiences (and socks) to flow into my life.

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