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Clarity Out Of Chaos – Finding Our Way When We Can’t Always See the Path


Get Noticed, Create New Connections,
and Build a Buzz for Your Business

“Clarity Out Of Chaos:
Finding Our Way When
We Can’t  Always See the Path”

The “Clarity Out Of Chaosanthology is your chance to share how you have reacted — and survived — when YOUR life, YOUR career, YOUR path has been interrupted with a U-turn, dead-end, or one-way street . . . those definite BIG BUMPS in the road of Life. My guess is that you are the one who finds a way around (or through!) these obstacles rather than letting them get the best of you and wear you down.

Top 10 reasons for writing and contributing a chapter:

  1. You and your business get introduced to all of the other authors and their lists of contacts!
  2. Your struggle and ability to overcome life’s obstacles could very well be someone’s roadmap out of darkness.
  3. Your humor and outlook on life become the bright spots in someone’s day.
  4. Your experience simplifies an intimidating “next step” and shines a light on how to step up and shine.
  5. Your knack for story-telling gives someone a brief escape into a wondrous new world.
  6. Sharing your story helps to create a stronger bond between you and the reader.
  7. Your life perspective brings hope and a plan for what seem to be insurmountable problems.
  8. Your voice matters. Sharing your wisdom may be the answer somebody needs.
  9. Wisdom not shared is wisdom lost forever!
  10. We help you write your chapter!

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