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“Where do you find new clients?” is a question I am asked quite often. To which I typically answer, “Primarily referrals”! We are very lucky (blessed) to have a strong referral base coming from clients all around the country. This sphere of influence creates an ideal foundation for long-term client relationships.
Referral-based business growth is not new. I remember when we first moved to STL over 30 years ago — we needed new doctors, dentists, grocery stores, etc. — and we began asking our new neighbors. They were eager and happy to help us out by referring us to people and places which fell into their “know, like and trust” reservoir. Fast-forward a few decades and we were introduced to Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid methodology through Danelle Brown, and we continue to believe referrals are the foundation for our growing business — but now we ask . . .

“Who do you know who deserves the extra care and attention we provide our clients”?

We aren’t looking for just anyone. We invest 100% of our time and energy to delivering first-class service to our clients. As a result, our valued clients, suppliers, and friends continue to refer their family, friends and business associates to us for advice on Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Self-Publishing.
We are expanding our SPHERE of Influence to include more people like you.
People and businesses who are:
S = Serve their community through their business — be it city-, state-, country-wide or global
P = Professional experts, passionate about what they offer and how they can help
H = Heart-centered and health-minded — be it mental-, physical-, financial- or social-health
E = Energized and excited about bringing a better way of “being” or “doing” to the world
R = Respectful of diversity and welcoming of all positive paths, be it race, religion or gender
E = Entrepreneurial in mindset and eager to grow their business and help others along the way
If you’d like to learn more about our SPHERE of Influence Referral Program and how to earn credits on your account, contact [email protected] or 888-598-0886

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