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Know, Like and Trust

Today’s marketing ideology is primarily based upon building trusting relationships. If people cannot identify with your messaging, it does not matter how much money you throw at SEO optimization, SEO will not work if your messaging is shallow or stuck in the “all about me” phase. Consumers want to know what YOU can do for them — how you can help them find a positive solution.

I’ve recently had the privilege of helping a few of our clients “retool” their messaging, which starts with our Passionate Brand Interview — thirty-or-so questions which help us identify where their business is NOW vs. where they want it to be. We walk them through the process of re-positioning WHAT they offer (services and/or products), HOW to connect directly with their WHO/consumer, and identify WHY people would want to do business with them. On-target messaging identifies how you bring RELIEF to your customers, builds positive relationships where your consumer can KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, and ultimately helps to build your bottom line.

Our clients’ businesses thrive on positive relationships. A large portion of our client base includes businesses built around their PASSION, and fall into the category of “helpers and healers”. Our clients include entrepreneurs, educators, life-coaches and a spectrum of professional service providers — all having one thing in common — they are making this world a better place. Together, we help our clients create a “Happy, Healthy, Heart-filled Planet” — be it mental-, physical-, financial-, or social-health (to name a few). We are motivated by our own Passion and Purpose — which is to help them help more people. How can we help you?



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