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The 5 “P’s” of What Matters

Paying Attention to What Matters:

Over the years, the businesses that SURVIVE downturns in the economy, and THRIVE when other companies are merely surviving, are those that pay attention to WHAT MATTERS.

What does your business
pay attention to? 

  • PEOPLE: Do you listen to your employees? Do you listen to your customers? Are you a family-friendly workplace?
  • PURPOSE: Why are you in business? What is your “big picture? Do you have a personal mission as well as a business mission?
  • POSITION: How do you set your business apart from/ ahead of your competition?  What are you doing that is “bigger, better, faster, smarter . . . etc.”, than your competition?
  • PROMISE: What do you promise your customers? What do you promise your staff? What do you promise yourself?
  • PROMOTION: How do your promote your business, your brand? Do you support non-profits and/or other significant causes? Do you give as-much-as or more than you are receiving?

What MATTERS to you . . . to your staff . . . to your consumer?

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