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“I have Bill’s book . . . I didn’t know he self-published . . .
it looks like it came from Random House . . . YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!”

Your book is an integral part of your brand and if it comes across as “slapped together” overnight by wanna-be experts, your business will suffer. Just because your neighbor’s college sophomore is a Journalism major does not mean they can edit a book manuscript for mass public distribution. If the reader cannot easily sail through the first chapter, they will not finish the book, let alone recommend your book to anyone else!


ASK PROFESSIONALS FOR HELP: If you are in the process of self-publishing, and you want professional results, you need a team of experts to make that happen.

We are working with Author “Pat” who tells us, “Yes, my book has been professionally edited, and it is ready for layout. All I want is a proofreader to review the final layout to be sure the footnotes match the appendix, the captions match the photos and such.”

The layout is complete (with over 50 photos and captions) and we send a PDF of the book to one of our professional proofreaders.

300 edits later, “Pat” is paying us to edit the final layout, costing “Pat” twice as much as it would have to hire a professional editor in the first place.

(NOTE: please don’t ignore what a professional editor tells you and change everything back to the way you had it. We try very hard to keep your “author voice” intact while elevating your writing to a professional level. If you are targeting a professional audience, you want your writing to “speak their language.”)


It’s our job to make you look good and get noticed (in a good way).
YOUR job is to LET US make that happen.

For additional information about how we help authors, speakers, trainers, and other professionals make a great impression and NOT LOOK SELF-PUBLISHED, give me a shout! Our team LOVES helping you put the puzzle pieces together! You can EMAIL ME HERE.

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