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Are You Really Ready to Be a Published Author?

By the end of this year, we will have helped at least 50 authors become Independently Published. In addition, we will have produced at least 3 anthologies containing anywhere from 20 – 52 authors, each. Working with so many authors each year has allowed us to identify three distinct personalities . . .

The Wanna Bee. These authors talk a lot about starting. They have loads of ideas, but none ever make it onto paper. They claim they don’t know where to start and the little voice in their head keeps taunting, “Can’t do it.” They would rather play victim to lack of motivation than to take a chance on reader rejection.

The Never Bee. These authors typically write prolifically but never finish. Their content makes no sense and they ramble on about the same topic . . . over . . . and over . . . with nary a point in sight. They refuse to listen to the experienced suggestions of a Writing Coach / Editor and are quick to blame others for them not being able to finish.

The Better Believe It! Bee. We LOVE these authors! These authors are not only determined, they have a vision and can SEE their book in their hands!

These authors are fearlessly fulfilling a destiny and have FOCUS:

  • F = Finds helpers and asks for assistance
  • O = Organizes their thoughts and develops an outline
  • C = Creates a plan for completion
  • U = Understands the importance of using professional resources
  • S = Sets goals and surpasses them

Which author do YOU want to BE?


If you are ready to step into the role of the Better Believe It! Bee, we can show you the way.

Reach out. You’ll BEE glad you did!

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