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Must Trust

When I remember to TRUST, life just seems so much easier.

The topics of TRUST and INTEGRITY seems to be all around us  . . . from the national news reports to our neighborhood watch.

I’ve had several decades of learning to trust the process (AKA: my higher power) and listen to “that little voice” in the center of my soul. When it gives me a nudge, I’ve learned to LISTEN . . . otherwise, if I ignore it, it soon begins to SHOUT at me, leaving me with less time to dodge impending danger or disappointment.

As a small business owner, TRUST and INTEGRITY are a high priority for me when working with prospects, clients, vendors and affiliate partners.

The top three things which typically trigger my “caution button” when dealing with people:

  • lack of follow-through on commitments
  • more than a 72-hour response time to inquiries
  • ego-centric personas who thrive on attention

Any of the above willI cause me to take a step back and turn my attention elsewhere. I don’t have time for games in business or in my private life. I’d rather focus on the people who “play nice in the sand box”.

At Davis Creative, we recently updated our list of core client commitments . . . things we feel are important in supporting a relationship built on TRUST . . .

We believe in creating a positive RIPPLE:

  • RESPECT: We value diversity, unique perspectives and positive experiences.
  • INTEGRITY: We take responsibility and do the right thing.
  • PASSION: Positive Passion breeds success. We love working with people who are passionate about their business and about helping others.
  • PROMISE: We keep our word and make a commitment to support our clients’ best interests.
  • LEGACY: We give. We give back. We give our clients their brand advantage.
  • EXCELLENCE: We believe “Good Design is Good Business”, and good design encourages an atmosphere of excellence.
  • SHARING: A peaceful world starts with sharing a single smile.

When I take time to notice, I see daily
reminders to simply “trust the process”.

When I remember to TRUST,
life just seems so much easier!

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