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So, let the games begin.

The “to-do” list says, “update website”. There’s nothing wrong with the old one, other than a need to look more current and up-to-date. According to our consultant, it needs to “SEMPLI-FI”.

When checking the meaning of the original Marine Corp motto, “Semper Fi”, it translates loosely into, “Always faithful”. That works for me.

So, how does one “SEMPLI-FI” a website?

  • stay true (faithful) to your brand
  • know your WHO, WHY, WHAT
  • be succinct; eliminate unnecessary verbiage
  • address your message to your prime target audience
  • create long-term relationships with targeted audiences

So, our first few steps were to  . . .

  1. reorganize and simplify the site map
  2. review and edit all existing copy
  3. create the “golden thread” of brand messaging throughout all pages

For additional help with the “SEMPLI-FI” process for your website, contact Cathy.

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