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The Power-Up Sponsor Anthology Publishing Program helps you LOOK GOOD, GET NOTICED, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Our unique publishing program gives Business Owners, Trendsetters, and Organizations the power to solidify your position as a business leader and reach new audiences. We hold your hand and walk you through the publishing process, giving you the competitive advantage to GROW YOUR BUSINESS through the POWER OF PUBLISHING!

The POWER-UP program pairs community & collaboration to ignite business growth, AND when you follow our lead, we know it will . . .

  • Establish and Promote Your Reputation and Professional Image
  • Attract, Retain, and Solidify Your Client Base
  • Develop Greater Visibility
  • Reach and Inspire More People
  • Expand Your Professional Network

Our program has successfully helped professionals and business leaders reach a greater audience, grow their business, AND create an additional stream of income. . . . at NO COST to YOU, the Sponsor!

The Power-Up Anthology Publishing Program becomes an additional source of income, giving you MORE profits as you invite MORE authors.

“(Cathy) created the Anthology Series business model as means of promoting and supporting women business owners around the world. (Her) expertise allowed us to bring our book, “The Anatomy of Accomplishment” from concept to the bookshelf. (Her) leadership allows women everywhere an opportunity to participate in the empowering world of entrepreneurship.”
Erin Joy, Founder, CEO of Black Dress Circle®

"Anthology books are a true form of Collaboration. You and other authors write your stories, promote your book which gives you exposure to all the other author’s contacts as well as yours. It is a true win-win-win situation for everyone –
the readers, the writers, and the publisher."
Joanne Weiland, Chief Collaborations Officer,



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Power-Up Impact

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