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Brand Buttons


My 16-month-old grandson is fascinated with buttons. This started just before his first birthday — just prior to Christmas, 2012. One of our holiday decorations is a 10” tall plush snowman. When he pushed the soft, embroidered button on the snowman’s right hand, the snowman sang and danced to “Jingle Bells” — all to the delight of our grandson.


Push the RIGHT button and the snowman dances. It only took about 3 tries of pushing the “wrong round thing” before our grandson figured out the EXACT button to push to get the results he wanted.


Buttons are no longer safe in our house. Just about all of his toys involve buttons, noises and actions — things that grab his attention. “Child-proofing” involves hiding, lifting, moving — any button within about a 48” high perimeter, well out of the reach of a now-walking toddler — for this month. Next month, we raise everything higher as we try to stay a step ahead of him.


  • Which BRAND buttons are you intentionally putting within reach of your customer?
  • OR . . . are you making it difficult for your customer to reach you?
  • How many “tries” does it take for you to reach your potential customer — offering them the “right” button — causing them to want to “take action” and do business with you?
  • Do you have an internal Continuous Process Improvement strategy — always raising your bar higher, trying to meet the needs of your prospect?

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