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Fearless and Fabulous – TODAY IS THE DAY!

“Fearless and Fabulous: Finding Your Way Through Change and Beyond”



Change is inevitable. How we react to it is purely our choice.

This collection of essays was mid-production when the phrase “shelter-in-place” became a common household conversation. As Fearless and Fabulous authors, the only choice was to keep moving forward and in doing so, inspire others to do the same!

Our power lies within and among.

Much like a single butterfly, each of the seventeen contributing authors has decided at some point in their life to make the personal choice to break through whatever is holding them back, reach for the light, and create a life worth living. Each has found the courage to go for what they want and make the changes necessary — not just in order to survive but to thrive.

Each year, during Fall migration, Monarch butterflies join together for their northward journey. The strength of the group — also known as a kaleidoscope — serves to protect and support each other along the way. Similarly, the power of the collective shines forth in the stories shared between the covers of this book. United in collaboration, these authors share their wisdom as their gift to you on your personal journey.

Please accept our invitation to join our kaleidoscope as we fearlessly navigate, hand-in-hand, towards a fabulous new earth!

“What do you want, Butterfly?”

Let’s go do that.


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