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Go Fly a Kite.

You know that feeling . . . when a song gets stuck in your head in a perpetual loop?

I don’t even recall where I would have heard this song recently, but there it was . . . straight from Mary Poppins!

Oh, oh, oh!
Let’s go fly a K.I.T.E.
Up to the highest height
Let’s go fly a K.I.T.E. and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a K.I.T.E.!

It got me to thinking about WHY this song was playing so loudly in my head . . . AND what was I supposed to be learning from this song? Rather than letting it drive me crazy, how could I use this in a positive way?
I started playing around with the acronym, “K.I.T.E.” — as it pertains to one’s personal and/or business mission, vision, and brand — and came up with . . .
  • K = KNOWING. That inner feeling I get when I absolutely, positively KNOW I need/want to be doing “XYZ”.
  • I = INTENTION. When I set my INTENTION, based upon my KNOWING, I move into ACCEPTANCE and AGREEMENT. When I set my INTENTION to move in a particular direction, it causes all other worldly forces to respond in kind.
  • T = TRUST. This is a BIG ONE for me. It means I have to acknowledge my human-ness and learn to TRUST that a higher power is paving a path for me. My only job is to LET GO and follow the breadcrumbs . . .
  • E = EXCITEMENT! It took me several decades to figure out it’s OK to show a bit of positive EXCITEMENT. The Universe responds to EXCITEMENT in a good way. How else does it know what I want? EXCITEMENT becomes the fuel for navigating the path . . . the more excited I am about my goals and ambitions, the faster the process seems to go! EXCITEMENT also allows me to release the outcome and let the Universe handle the details.
The “K.I.T.E.” (brand) I “send soaring” today becomes the foundation for all my tomorrows.
YES! We help you Define, Design and Deliver YOUR “K.I.T.E.” (your brand)!
Our clients — primarily life coaches, therapists, consultants and professional service providers — are involved in the transformation of lives, communities and the planet. They trust us to help them build their brand (their K.I.T.E.) so they, too, can “send it soaring!”

At Davis Creative, we create brands and publish books which connect people, awaken humanity, and make a positive impact on the lives of the people they reach. Contact Cathy to learn more.

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