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Intend. Attend. Suspend.

Sometimes the best idea is to simply set an intention.

Historically, we tend to see a slow-down in business over the winter holidays. It starts around mid-December, and usually picks back up early January.

Not this year.

We just closed out the biggest December we’ve had in 12 years of business. We squeezed in a couple of three- and four-day work weeks, and still signed two new clients the last week of December.

What changed in 2016? We learned three things:

INTEND. Intend to succeed. We set our intention to grow our business. We recognized about a year ago our business had “stalled” and made a conscious commitment to ramp-up to a new level. We asked experts for advice (and listened).

ATTEND. Attend to what matters. We turned our attention to those things and people who supported our business growth. We became hyper-focused on sharing our business vision, attracting new clients, and building high-quality relationships for referrals.

SUSPEND. Suspend all doubt (which can be tricky). We let go. We released expectations of outcome, gave more than expected, and trusted it would all work out.

What is YOUR 2017 intention?

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