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NOW is not the time to be hiding

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections!”
– Sir Richard Branson

I’ve been hearing the word “recession” a lot lately and I also noticed the root of this word is RECESS!

We’re only in RECESS, folks! It’s time to play with some new ideas about growing your business!

So, when someone tells me, “I can’t afford to publish right now,” I answer back, “You can’t afford NOT to publish!”

NOW is not the time to be hiding.

NOW is the time to look good, get noticed, and grow your business. Write only ONE chapter and share the cost with your co-authors. PLUS, you get to add “Best Selling Author” to your list of credentials!

What’s the quickest way to connect with 1000’s of new potential referral partners? Join our next anthology at 1/10th of the cost to publish your solo book, and add “Bestselling Author” to your list of credentials!  When you join one of our professionally-produced anthologies, you are sharing the cost with 30-40 other small business owners.

Studies show that we each know at least 2500 people through family, colleagues, and social media. Multiply that 2500 times the number of authors, and you easily gain access to over 75,000 to
100,000 new potential prospects. All you need to do is reach out to your co-authors and become referral partners!

According to Forbes Magazine, 7/7/2022, “. . . many of the world’s greatest companies were built during recessionary times. Some experts say that economic downturns can present the best opportunities for growing a business while others are retreating.”

Stop hiding. Learn how to grow your business by writing ONE chapter here:

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