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He turned the key and the car did not start. He tried a few more times, then we decided to try jumper cables with the neighbor’s car. Nada. Nuttin’.
My flight was taking off in 2 hours, and the clock was ticking to get to the airport. Our second car was unfortunately parked in the same driveway, behind the first, non-starting car. Time to activate “Plan B”. Uber to the rescue.
As I reflect back on my life, I don’t think I’ve ever really had a “Plan A”. I tend to work best by picking a direction, continuing down that path, and then dealing with life as it lands in front of me. Although not always the best strategy, it has allowed me to grow a resiliency factor for being able to pivot at a moment’s notice without too much stress.
So, it got me to thinking about what I actually do when life throws me a curve and it’s time to initate a “PLAN B” . . .
  • BELIEVE – I believe things will always turn out OK. When I was little, one of my nicknames was Pollyanna. I remember watching the movie as a child, and for those of you not old enough to remember the early 1960’s movie, Pollyanna was always somehow able to see the bright side of a bad situation.
  • BREATHE – I feel myself taking a deep breath. It’s instinctual . . . I don’t recall anyone teaching me this. A deep breath clears my mind and allows me to zero-in on the “next best step” to take.
  • BRAINSTORM – My brain kicks into “possibility mode”. I can almost feel the click of the switch as brain cells begin to activate, connect and conspire to find a solution. There may also be a bit of a swirling adrenaline rush . . . kind of like the thrill of hunting for a solution.
  • BE the BALMY ELEPHANT – Be the CALMING ELEMENT. I learned long ago that if you add a crazy, out-of-control reaction to a crazy out-of-control situation, you only get a CRAZIER end-result. Avoid crazy at all cost.
So, whether you are working on PLAN A, or PLAN B, and decide you would love a marketing partner to help you find the best solution for your Branding and Publishing goals, give me a call.
I can help you create a fantastic Plan B!
We Brand, We Design, We Publish.
We Take Your Business to the Next Level.

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