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The Author-preneur Advantage

You are not just writing a book, you are growing your business!

. . .  and YES, you get to hear me say it again . . .

“It’s not about how well your book sells . . .
It’s ALL about how well your book sells YOU!”

The potential reader who picks up your book will always want to know “what’s in it for me?”  

Our goal, as Author Consultants and Book Designers, is to keep potential readers interested and wanting more so they ultimately buy your book! We want them to be “pulled in” by your cover, intrigued by the title, and motivated to read more based upon the relief they find in the sub-title.

Studies show when potential readers reach for your book, they notice aspects of the book in a particular order.

In our mind, the ultimate goal is to get a potential reader to pick up your book and buy it.
If the potential reader identifies with the front cover, it is highly likely the reader will continue to the back cover copy to learn more. If the overall cover copy and images have addressed their need for relief, the potential reader will then scan the table of contents, then look for your author credentials (via the endorsement page and author bio).

  1. Front Cover
    • title
    • picture/image
    • sub-title (offers relief)
  2. Back Cover
    • headline
    • subheads
    • photo captions
    • bullets
    • call-to-action
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Credibility (endorsements and author bio)

As an Author-preneur, you not only want to sell your book, you also want to engage your audience to begin a relationship with you and your business. Your book is one entry-point into creating a long-term relationship with your potential client. Working with a team who understands the idiosyncrasies of book design gives you the Author-preneur Advantage.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level through the power of publishing, give us call, 888-598-0886, or email Cathy HERE.

There’s SO MUCH MORE to publishing your book than uploading it to Amazon.

Join the hundreds of other authors who have relied upon us to help them find their voice, write their book, and monetize their passion.

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